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Property Management

Atlanta Property Management Program

There are many vital factors that you should look at when hiring a property management company.  One of things that we pride ourselves on is our extensive background check we will perform on potential renters.  Over the course of 12 years in property management, we have never had to evict a tenant.  We aren’t looking for just anyone to fill your rental.  We look for persons that will not only pay rent on time, but will also take care of your property. There are many property management companies in Atlanta that you can choose from, but I guarantee you won’t find another company that cares about your property like we do!

What we offer:


Comprehensive Web Marketing

Looking for exposure for your rental? We have you covered! With our strong online presence we can offer more online exposure to showcase your rental than any other Atlanta Property Management company.
We also include advertising on Zillow, Trulia, HotPads, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, FMLS and more!


Professional Photos/3D Tour

Included in our listing fee is the additional cost of professional photos and a virtual 3D Tour. We believe the key to success in renting properties quickly is showcasing our rentals with high quality pictures and offering virtual tours.. In todays modern world regular ol photos just don’t appease potential renters.


Initial Visit to Property

On our initial visit to the property we make a detailed checklist ensuring that the property will be market ready. It is very important that the property is cleaned, necessary repairs are made and is in showing condition! We will also give you our opinion about pricing the unit. With the current market, it is critical to list your unit at a rental rate that is comparable to other units in the building. Throughout the period of time of trying to find a qualified tenant we will keep you abreast of showings, feedback, and make you aware of any other rental properties that come on the market that could be your competition. We are a very hands on property management company and will always give you any feedback that we receive.


Tenant Screening

We go above and beyond to ensure that the renter(s) are well qualified to rent your place. Through our screening process we will pull the tenants credit history, check their criminal history, verify their past rental history, and income verification. We will notify you of any applications that we receive and usually within 24-48 hours we will have an approval or rejection. We will not discriminate against any applicant, occupant or resident of any property at any time based on race, creed, color, religion, national origin, handicap or familial status.


Security Deposits

We do require all tenants to put down a security deposit prior to move in, in the amount equal to one months rent minus a $200 non refundable administrative fee. Security Deposits are refundable to the tenant(s) as long as the property is left in the condition that it was prior to move in except for normal wear and tear. As required by law, within 30 days of move out we must return the security deposit to the tenant minus costs for any damages and unpaid rents.


Rent Collections

Rent is due on the 3rd of each month. Late fees in the amount of 10% of the rental rate are assessed if payment is not received by the end of the business day on the 3rd day of each month. On the 7th day of the month if we have not received the rent we will begin the eviction process. All costs of this process will be assessed to the tenant. The court costs and attorney fees must be paid in advanced by the owner and are to be reimbursed by the resident when they pay the past due rent. Late fees are paid to the management company as compensation for collecting past due rents. We will disburse owner payments on the 10th or 11th day of the month by direct deposit.



The management agreement sets the parameters in which we can operate on your behalf. Since you are the owner of the property, you have a legal responsibility under state law to maintain the house in good condition at your expense. You cannot expect the resident to pay for repairs that are not their fault. Owners preauthorize us to perform up to $400.00 of maintenance on the property without express consent. Anytime the cost per repair or sequence of repairs exceeds that amount, we must secure your permission. However there are some cases where we use our best judgment on repairs without your authorization for emergency maintenance. Emergency maintenance includes but is not limited to loss of air or heat, water damage, main drain stoppage or electrical problems. If the tenant does damage the property or in some way incurs costs for service at the property that are not your responsibility, then we will charge the resident the full costs possible under state law.



If your property is already rented when you hire us and your tenant needs to be evicted, we charge $150 plus attorney charges and court costs. If, however, we placed the tenants in the property and we have to evict them, we do not charge anything over and above what the attorney charges and court costs are. Please note – we have never had to evict a tenant due to our thorough background checks.


Pre-Occupancy Inspections

A complete move-in checklist is completed with the tenants prior to move-in with a licensed leasing agent to ensure the property is kept in the original condition when the tenant moves out.



1. Tenant Procurement: 1 months rent(capped at $2700)
2. Monthly Management Fee:
* Between 6-10% of the monthly rent – depending on age of property, type of property, location and rental rate.
3. New Property Intake Fee: $100
4. $400 Mandatory Capital Contribution at time of signing. Money will be used for approved expenses such as cleaning prior to tenant occupancy, any necessary repairs prior to move in and during the lease term. ANY MONIES LEFTOVER AT THE END OF THE LEASE TERM WILL BE REFUNDED BACK TO YOU.
5. Renewal Fee – if the tenant elects to renew for another year we charge 50% of the monthly rent instead of a full month.