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How Do You Advertise Your Properties?

1. Using syndication to list on the top rental websites. We design the ads in a way to make it easy for prospects to understand the key terms and our rental criteria.
2. We take high-quality photos and do a 3D video tour that goes on our ads. This is at no additional cost to you.

How Do You Handle Repairs?

For tenant occupied homes, tenants submit a maintenance request via their online tenant portal. Our portal allows tenants to submit a work order request by providing a description of the issue as well as upload photos of the issue, when appropriate. Tenants can also track the status of their requests online.
When a request comes in, we assess it and see if it needs immediate dispatch or if we can possibly trouble shoot the issue with the tenant. There are many common repair requests that we are able to troubleshoot. If the issue needs to be fixed, we send a work order to one of our vendors. We use all 3rd party vendors and do not do maintenance in house.

What Happens If The Tenant Can’t Pay Rent?

Rent is due on the 1st and late on the 4th. These means the tenant has a 2-day grace period after the 1st to pay the rent without penalty. If the rent is not received by close-of-business on the 3rd we contact the tenant to see what is going on. Soon after, we deliver a 3-day notice to the tenants to pay rent or quit. Serving the 3-day notice is the first step in the eviction process.

What Happens If The Tenant Ruins My Property?

We do a very good job of screening tenants upfront, so tenant damages are limited. However, even with the strictest of criteria, things can happen. Only a tiny percentage of our move out dispositions have tenant damages exceed the security deposit. In that event, we try to collect the sum from the tenant. Should the tenant not pay, you will need to sue them in small claims court. We are not debt collectors, but can refer you to companies who can assist you.

Who Holds The Security Deposit?

9 Mile Trolley holds the tenants security deposit. By law, the money belongs to the tenant and can only be used for past due rent or damages. The property management company is a neutral third party. We hold it in a trust account until the time of move out.